Tom is the architect of U2 360 tour.

Tom has written, directed and photographed a wide range of projects, from feature films to commercials, music videos, short films, and docs. He directed the award winning comedy feature, You’re in Charge, starring Mary Kay Place; he shot Jim Jarmusch’s recent film “Gimme Danger” with Iggy Pop; been nominated for a Clio with Chrysler’s “Arrive in Style” campaign; and won several awards for his short film, “Fuzzy Logic”. He also won the best cinematography award at Sundance for his work on Miramax’s feature, “Committed”, starring Casey Affleck and Heather Graham. And his music video credits are extensive, ranging from U2 to Bowie, and Stevie Wonder to Lenny Kravitz, Public Enemy, REM and so many more.

When he’s not near a camera, Tom spends most of his time playing and recording music. His love is the violin and with it he plays all sorts of traditional music from Gypsy Jazz to Cajun music. He also leads the rock band, Elka Park. …Don’t get him started!