Rick Knief is a commercial filmmaker living in New York. He began his career as an art director at advertising agencies in New York and Boston on well-established brands such as American Express and IBM. After nearly twenty years in advertising, Rick turned his efforts towards commercial directing and photography. He then founded Table of Content as a full-service production company in 2012.

Rick’s work as creative director can be seen in the archives of the One Show, Communication Arts, and D&AD, as well as other national and international award competitions. Through his experience in marketing and advertising, Rick has not only been able to tap into his love for art, design, people, food, music, filmmaking, photography, and travel, it has also afforded him the ability to develop his unique and collaborative style in his approach to directing. He elicits smart, genuine, and human performances from his talent, connecting them to the brands he works on in a clean, graphic, and cinematic style.

Rick lives with his girlfriend, Gabrielle, an artist and writer, and their dog, Paolo. He has two grown sons with whom his world revolves around. When Rick is not working on a current commercial production or running the business, he is writing. He currently has several screenplays and tv pilots in development.